1 – BY THE WAY To be able to provide the services which we offer you, we have to to harvest personal data concerning you. By agreeing to create a count or by registering you in our newsletter you accept explicitly that we treat your data of the way described in these regulations. These regulations describe the information which we collect and the use which we make. We promise to sell nor to rent your information in fine third parties in one advertising. It is important that you read attentively the present regulations on the respect for private life, because it applies to the whole site e-trade

As from the date of entrance in force of the regulations on the changed respect for private life, we will think that you will have agreed to all brought modifications.

If you do not agree with the terms of the regulations on the respect for private life, you can close your count any time. If you do not agree with the terms of the regulations on the respect for private life, do not use or do not open account on the site

Third Sites:

Some pages of the site include links towards third sites. These sites have their own regulations on the respect for private life and we decline any responsibility concerning the activities of these thirds, and notably their practices in data processing. The Users who subject information towards these third sites or by their intermediary have to acquaint themselves with statements of respect for the private life which these sites apply before announcing them personal information.

2 – INFORMATION WHICH WE COLLECT Requested information:

To open an account client, you must announce us your name and forename, your civility, date of birth and address email. To place an order you must announce us also your address of invoicing and of delivery. To perform payments by means of our tunnel of purchase, you must give information relating to your card or to your bank account.

Cookies, beacons Web, local stocking and similar technologies:

When you achieve our site, we can put small files of data on your computer or other apparatus. These files of data are called “Cookies”. Cookies is there to admit you as client, to customise our services, contents, to participate to guarantee that the security of your count is not compromised, to attenuate risks and to tell fraud, and to develop confidence and security on our site. You are free to refuse our Cookies if your navigator or your supplementary modules allow it. However, fact to refuse our Cookies can interfere with your use of our site.


When you communicate with us as part of the Customer Service Department or for other aims (by email, fax, etc.), we can be led to keep aforementioned information as well as our answers in archives of your count, in objective to have a review of dialogues forever more reactivity and to improve the quality of our services.

Data processing of the prospective buyers:

When an user records himself as client, but decides not to consume on the site, this last is classified as prospective buyer and not client, we collect some information: civility, name and forename, date of birth and address mail. Although aforementioned information is stocked to make easier the process of a possible subsequent purchase, we will use aforementioned information for aims of marketing towards aforementioned not registered person. The prospective buyers have the same rights of consultation and of correction of information as a client.

3 – OUR USE OF COLLECTED DATA Internal manners:

We gather, keep and treat your information on servers managed by the society OVH. Our main objective in fact to gather information is to issue a reassured, gentle, efficient and individual experience. You accept that we could use your personal information for:

INSCRIPTION CREDIT ACCOUNT By creating a credit account, you accept that we could use your personal information for:

Prove your identity, notably during procedures: of creation of count, connection, identification for every order and from the réinitialisation of password. Be possible improve the quality of exchanges in case of litigation on an order with the customer service or after-sales service. Treat banking transactions. Be possible be held informed on different states of treatment of your orders We use your address email to confirm the opening of your credit account. If your credit account remains 2-year-old non-worker (any recorded order), we promise to use no more your data for commercial aims, but for accounting reasons (invoicing), we have to keep a trace of your personal data.

INSCRIPTION IN THE NEWSLETTER By registering you in the newsletter, you accept that we could use your address email to announce you the sports news of the TEAM GMT94.

You can any time choose to cancel subscription of this newsletter, via your client services or the present link ” désinscription ” at the bottom of every email.

4 – OUR DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION WITH THIRDS We share your information only with the conveyor so that he could deliver your order.

Conveyor: Post office

Transmitted data: civility, name, forename, address of delivery, phones, email

5 – ACCESS TO YOUR INFORMATION AND MODIFICATIONS You can see your in again your personal information by linking you to your credit account. You can also close your count from the site, by this action, we signal to our database that your credit account is “Closed” but we must keep the information which is linked to him. Notably for fine accountants to tell possible fraud.

You accept the present regulations on the respect for private life when you register, achieve services gmt94-blind or use them. By accepting the present regulations on the respect for private life, you accept and give us for express education to use and to disclose your personal information in accordance with the stipulations of the present regulations.