2021 GMT94 Yamaha polar


Wear the GMT94’s official colours with this 2021 GMT94 Yamaha polar and show your support to the team competing in the World Superbike and Supersport Championships. A line of clothing designed by Yamaha Motor and tailored to GMT94 Yamaha’s partners.

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Additional Information

Description of the 2021 GMT94 Yamaha polar 

The design of the 2021 GMT94 Yamaha polar is based on the racing style of the Paddock collection. A range of official clothing designed to communicate the passion of fans on the track, in the paddock and at home.

Warm and lightweight, the 2021 GMT94 Yamaha polar will insulate you from the cold and keep you comfortable with its soft fabric. A must-have for all your winter outings.

The 2021 GMT94 Yamaha polar long-sleeved zipped features the distinctive GMT94, Yamaha Racing and Mutuelle des Motards logos in white on the front. The sleeves also feature the France Equipement, Airmax, KSTOOLS and Quorum logos on one side. Ixon, GYTR, Yamalube and Akrapovic on the other.

Care of the 2021 GMT94 Yamaha polar

Always check the label

Features of the 2021 GMT94 Yamaha polar

  • Fleece jacket,
  • Official Paddock Blue Pulse Collection,
  • Yamaha Racing colours and logos,
  • Blue microfibre fleece fabric,
  • Black nylon on top,
  • 2 zipped pockets,
  • Cuffs and cuffs with piping,
  • Embroidered logos on front and printed on sleeves.